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I’m often asked for a chronological list of my Lancashire novels.  I didn’t set out to write any kind of series, so all the books stand alone, but some do have overlapping characters or are set in the village of Sticklepond. 

      The very first Lancashire novel I had published was actually Sweet Nothings, but I recently totally rewrote that and it became The Magic of Christmas, so it may be slightly out of sync. That was the only one of my novels I’ve rewritten, though the publishers have changed several titles for later editions.

Anyway, here are the Lancashire novels in order of publication:

My books with a Yorkshire setting near the Bronte village of Haworth are:

My books set in Wales are:

Other novels:

I have written one Regency Novel

There are also two more very short E-Book stories and an E-Book collection of my magazine fiction:

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