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The Wedding Dress Repair Shop

Can her heart be mended too?

Garland Fairford has it all - her dream job as a historical Costumier in London and handsome fiancée,

Whilst creating a replica of a dress worn by a Victorian actress, Garland, an orphan, meets a long-lost relative - Honey Fairford. Garland is delighted and intrigued to discover Honey is planning to open a wedding dress museum in Lancashire.

When Garland loses her fiancée and her job in the same week, she accepts Honey's offer to work at the museum. But building a new life for herself is put on hold when a ghost from her past, Thom, reappears.

As Garland repairs beautiful vintage wedding dresses for the museum, and her relationship with Thom, could this finally be the chance for her own happy-ever-after?

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