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I’m often asked for a chronological list of my Lancashire novels.  I didn’t set out to write any kind of series, so all the books stand alone, but some do have overlapping characters or are set in the village of Sticklepond. 

      The very first Lancashire novel I had published was actually Sweet Nothings, but I recently totally rewrote that and it became The Magic of Christmas, so it may be slightly out of sync. That was the only one of my novels I’ve rewritten, though the publishers have changed several titles for later editions.

Anyway, here are the Lancashire novels in order of publication:

A Winters Tale Cover

A Winter's Tale

(Sticklepond 1)


When Sophy inherits a dilapidated old house, complete with ghostly ancestor, a surly head-gardener hell-bent on completing the sixteenth-century knot garden restoration seems to be the least of her worries…

Wedding Tiers Cover

Wedding Tiers



Josie’s leading an idyllic life in the Lancashire countryside, being self-sufficient in the garden and making weird and wonderful wedding cakes, until her Eden turns out to be a Paradise Lost

Chocolate Wishes Cover

Chocolate Wishes

(Sticklepond 2)



When Chloe’s grandfather opened a museum of witchcraft in the Lancashire village of Sticklepond, there was bound to be some conflict with the local vicar, though perhaps not quite the sort that artisan chocolate-maker Chloe envisaged

Twelve Days of Christmas Cover

Twelve Days of Christmas

(Little Mumming 1)



For widow Holly Brown, looking after a remote house on the Lancashire moors seems the perfect way to escape the festivities. But when the owner suddenly returns just before a blizzard cuts the village off, the Twelve days of Christmas take a very unexpected turn

(Reprinted with a new cover December 14th 2017)

The Magic of Christmas Cover

The Magic of Christmas



In this rewrite of Sweet Nothings, Lizzie’s cheating husband gets his just desserts and more than one secret is revealed at the village’s annual Boxing Day Mystery Play

Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues Cover

Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues

(Sticklepond 3)



Heartbroken Tansy Poole returns to Sticklepond and throws herself into creating a shop where brides can choose the wedding shoes of their dreams, uncovering a few skeletons in the family closet along the way

Wish Upon a Star Cover

Wish Upon a Star

(Sticklepond 4)



Cally’s life is totally consumed by looking after her very sick little girl, Stella, while trying to  earn a living as a cookery writer.  Laid-back, charming baker Jago and the rest of the inhabitants of the village of Sticklepond help her to see that she’s not alone - and that love and magic can sometimes be found under the mistletoe

Creature Comforts Cover

Creature Comforts

(Halfhidden 1)


Izzy Dane’s life has lurched from one disaster to another until, finally, she returns to the cosy village of Halfhidden to stay with her eccentric Aunt Debo and her motley pack of canine friends

A Christmas Cracker Cover

A Christmas Cracker

(Little Mumming 2)



Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, Tabby is given a fresh start by kindly Christmas cracker factory owner Mercy: but can she win over Mercy’s suspicious nephew and turn the ailing cracker business around?

The House of Hopes and Dreams Cover

The House of Hopes and Dreams

(Halfhidden 2)



Tragedy has marred the recent past of stained glass artist Angel Arrowsmith and her best friend Carey Revell.  Can they put it all behind them and turn a neglected Arts and Crafts house into a home?

The Christmas Invitation Cover

The Christmas Invitation



Recovering after an illness Meg is far from in the Christmas mood, in fact she’s hardly aware it’s approaching at all. They didn’t celebrate it where she grew up and she’s never gone in for the tinsel, baubles and mistletoe of it all. But when the opportunity arises to spend the run up to Christmas in the snowy countryside, rather than dreary London, she can’t say she isn’t curious… although she’ll definitely leave before they bring out the turkey.

The Garden of Forgotten Wishes Cover

The Garden of Forgotten Wishes

(Jericho's End)



All Marnie wants is somewhere to call home. Mourning lost years spent in a marriage that has finally come to an end, she needs a fresh start and time to heal. Things she hopes to find in the rural west Lancashire village her mother always told her about.

Wedding Dress Repair Shop.jpg

The Wedding Dress Repair Shop

(Little Mumming 3)



When Garland loses her fiancée and her job in the same week, she accepts an offer to work at the museum. But building a new life for herself is put on hold when a ghost from her past, Thom, reappears.

My books with a Yorkshire setting near the Bronte village of Haworth are:

Every Woman for Herself Cover

Every Woman for Herself



Their father set out to recreate the Bronte family in the wilds of West Yorkshire, but even the best-laid plans can go awry.

(Reprinted under the same title in 2014)

Finding Mr. Rochester Cover

Finding Mr. Rochester

(E-Book Short Story)



A clue in an old diary takes author Eleri Groves to Yorkshire in search of a Bronte hero!

The Little Teashop of Lost and Found Cover New 2022.jpg

The Little Teashop of Lost and Found


Alice Rose was a foundling, discovered as a baby on the Yorkshire moors above Haworth and has struggled all her life to find a place where she belongs. Finally returning to Haworth to take over a run-down teashop, she must face more twists in the dark fairytale of her life before reaching her happy ending

My books set in Wales are:

A Leap of Faith Cover

A Leap of Faith



Sappho’s never thought of having a baby until her friends suggest she might have left it a little too late; but while she bossily sets about sorting out everyone else’s problems, fate might just be sneaking up on her (Gower setting)

(First published as The Urge to Jump)

Sowing Secrets Cover

Sowing Secrets



A War of the Roses ensues when a TV gardener arrives in a Welsh village. (Set in the lovely Conwy valley)

(First published in hardback as The Generous Gardener)

A Good Heart is Hard to Find Cover

A Good Heart is Hard to Find



Horror writer Cass Leigh faces up to her demons

(Reprinted on the 25th January 2018. First published as Singled Out)

Other novels:

Good Husband Material Cover

Good Husband Material



Her first love was all wrong, so why doesn’t marriage to Mr Right make her happy?

(Reprinted under the same title)

written from the heart.jpg

Written From The Heart



Giddy exploits of sex’n’gardening novelist Tina Devino in London and Shrimphaven

(First published as Happy Endings)

One More Christmas at the Castle Cover.j

One More Christmas at the Castle


Dido Jones' new job is to help elderly widow Sabine host her last Christmas in her beloved home, Mitras Castle. With housekeeping and catering to organise for the large gathering, Dido and her business partner Henry must stay at the castle for the whole of December.

But as Sabine's family arrive at the house - including Dido's old crush Xan - long-buried mysteries begin to unravel. And as Christmas day approaches, Dido's feeling of connection to the old house runs deeper than she first thought...

I have written one Regency Novel

Lord Rayven's Revenge Cover

Lord Rayven's Revenge


I've also written a Regency novel called Lord Rayven's Revenge, but so far this has only appeared in library format hardback

(Currently out of print)

There are also two more very short e-book stories:

A Piece of Cake Cover
A Vintage Christmas Cover

Together with an e-book collection of my magazine fiction:

Footsteps in the Snow Cover
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